One From the Road

Hello! I’m in Florida, but in an effort to keep my New Years goals and intentions for 2014- I’m blogging, poolside no less!

It’s a bit overcast here today. But it makes perfect weather to type out this post on my iPhone.
Here’s a little update of my week: I spent some time drawing in my sketchbook- getting some ideas for MoCCA, which is coming up in April.
I started writing down ideas for a Woolins book—3 years in the making, I hope to have that written by the end of March.
I mailed out some postcards, well, my mom/assistant mailed them for me while I hopped a plane here! Hopefully her magic touch at the post office will bring some new clients.

Additionally, I planned out some ideas for my Etsy shop —I know I’ve been saying that forever, but it’s for real! Promise!
Last week I also launched my nerdy vegan food blog- Kale Breath!
Thanks pretty much it for now. I hope to draw more this week , get home, get back to the printmaking studio and make things !