Update – September 24th


I’ve been away from my blog, I know, shame on me.
This summer, I had a full time job working for a silkscreen heat transfer place, and then I realized I want to go back to school, yada yada yada, so here I am. You’re all caught up, wonderful.

So here’s a story about what happened to me yesterday, and it shows how small the world really is.

Preface : I am currently back at school, taking some college science courses.

OK : So about a three weeks ago, before I started school, I was asked by Parade Magazine to illustrate a header for an article about the slow death curseive writing and how writing may help us comprehend information better.
Boom, great. Did it.
I didn’t think anything of it.


Then : The article came out last week. I was surprised on how big it was printed.


So I go to class early last night, to ask my professor a few questions. She helped me blah blah blah,

AND THEN : She said, “Remember how the first day I was talking about the importance of penmanship and legibility on the essay questions of the test? And how I don’t like the use of laptops in lecture? ” I said, “Yes….” Then she proceeded to show me a article she ripped out of Parade Magazine, MY ARTICLE. She had no idea that it was my illustration. I shouted, “THATS ME!”.
I mean, what are the chances? She had no idea that I was an illustrator, or in her class, or that I was coming for extra help. She showed the whole class in the lecture hall, and I turned a lovely shade of crimson.


It was such a collide of my two worlds, I had to share it.
You just never know.

Keep Livin’ the Dream,

What’s Up!?

Hey, What’s going on with you? Well, I’m so glad you asked, here’s what’s going on with me : I was featured in Parade Magazine’s Memorial Day Weekend issue. This was the one weekend the magazine decided not to show up with our newspaper. So I did some asking around to get myself a copy! Thank you everyone! This job was one nighter RUSH job, so much fun. I printed like a madwoman.

I did a Memorial Day Weekend mailing because — I love America. Not in the  hipster ‘meuuurica kinda of way, in the genuine, I love history channel, and hearing veterans stories about war, and thankful for my freedom, kind of way. I printed my own postcards for the first time. Also, like most of my mailings, I walked them  up the hill to the mailbox — because I think it helps send out good vibes.

In the midst of all of this, I got a stomach virus, which sucked. But allowed me to spend more time with these two noodle heads, while I got better. IMG_5598 Basically anytime I’m not working, I’ve been speeding time in nature. Because spring is beautiful and makes me feel good. Also, I’ve been experimenting with “grounding” or “earthing”.  Hence the no shoes picture!

Until next post, Hannah !