MoCCAfest 2014 Recap!


So it’s been a week, and I’ve finally recovered form MoCCAfest 2014.

Check it out!


So Charlie Brown was amazing. PEANUTS is basically why I got into illustration. I love the sincerity!


My Dear Sweet Friends! (From R-L – Me, Paige, Claire, Ginette) P.S.- we are all sight impaired.


The Merch! Thank you all who bought things and were nice and talked with me! Also, note my juice in the left corner…#typicalvegan


The ladies setting up.


SELFIES ! And A Jared Photobomb.


Selfies with Charles… NERD ALERT.


…as I was leaving for the day, Jack McGowan, fellow illustrator, and now acquaintance photobombed my picture of Charlie Brown! So HELLO new friend Jack!

All in all it was a GREAT day. I felt like poop on the way home- a combo of talking, standing, not eating all day. I think I ate a  head of broccoli and fell asleep at 8pm when I got home.
In related news, I sold ALL of the “EAT YOUR ROOTS” tote bags, so I’ll be making a second edition of those soon. I also want to get this Etsy Shop going with any left over merchandise.

Aside from selling my stuff, I picked up some good loot at MoCCA too:

I got some sweet books from NOBROW PRESS, some cards and book from the awesome Alexandra Beguez. and a little book from Reid Psaltis…because I love hound dogs.

That’s really it. All in all things are really good. Glad to have things slow down a little, but eager to get back in the studio and make more stuff!

Peace & Roots,

Hannah Jane

MoCCafest 2014 Preview

Woah! MoCCAfest NYC is tomorrow, here’s a sneak peak of my merchandise !

It’s strange because as I remember MoCCa — 2 years ago anyway, was mostly comics, graphic novels and more serious and sequential stuff…

that being said, we’ll see how my stuff fits in– in all its whimsical glory.


A6 cards

this potato card is my fav.

…more cards

A2 cards

A2 cards

Jersey Shore Tote bag!

Here comes the sun gift tote bag!

the pickle tote!



Eat your Roots tote


Fun Kitchen Dance Party book!

Fun Kitchen Dance Party book!

I put a ton of time and work into making some fun stuff — so I hope to see people on Saturday and Sunday April 5-6th!

I will be located at table C9, along with 3 of my best buds from college. ( Claire Connelly, Paige Connelly & Ginette Montoya )

NOTE – both my name and website are spelled wrong on the MoCCA website, so please, if you like my work, take a business card, i’ll have PLENTY at the table..


Update – March 16th

Woah! I’ve been so busy!

All week, I’ve been designing and printing things of MoCCAfest.

IMG_4647My studio is a but chaotic right now. I feel there’s stuff all over the place! I gotta clean up and organize some today!

IMG_4455I put the finishing touches on Fun Kitchen Dance Party! So happy with the way it came out. Can’t wait to share the final book (closer to April 5th!)

IMG_4581This is a design for one of the tote bags I plan on printing for MoCCA. It’s got another surprise on the back! I also have three other designs! Gonna be great! 

IMG_4616 I spent more time at the PCNJ exposing screens yesterday and just hanging out in the darkroom. LOVE IT.

IMG_4620I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to look directly at the light under the exposure unit, but I’m so curious! I had to peek!

I’ve also been perfecting my cappuccino skills and hanging out with my two basset babies.

IMG_4645My life is pretty crazy right now. I’m still training for a marathon in the end of April, getting stuff ready for MoCCAfest, working a day job, and trying to get new clients illustration-wise! It’s a crazy time! I love it.

Time to get printing –and maybe vacuum this floor! (gross!)

Update – March 5th


I’m so happy to report that I’ve been busy in my studio.


Last Saturday I drove out to the Print Studio and coated/burned some images on to screens to start printing the book “FUN KITCHEN DANCE PARTY”.

Tuesday I went to the art supply store and bought nice printmaking paper and some illustration board for the covers. I came home and started printing.

I made this print difficult for myself because I had to cut it all up into pieces to fit it onto my screen. I don’t have registration pins so that made it really had to register each print. Some of them are a bit “off” but I think that gives them some charm.

So excited to finish up this little book — it’ll be with me at MoCCA (on April 5-6th) for purchasing!

Oh I also taught myself how to make a cappuccino! (that’s frothed almond milk!) One day I’ll be able to make those crazy cappuccino designs you see at fancy coffee shops.


Gotta go get the ink out from under my fingernails!

Peace and Printmaking,


Update – February 26th

What a difference a week  or so makes.

I feel so much better ! I believe impart to my diligence in making myself draw these past few days and the fact that the weather broke and it’s 50 degrees out–and I bought an imitation-sunlight lamp for my desk!


Anyway, rather then getting frustrated and overwhelmed about all the things I want to accomplish this year and all that I haven’t done yet (new work on my website, make a  shop, plan next promotion, etc. etc. ) , I’ve been focusing on what I want to show at MoCCAfest in April. 

The past 10 or so days I’ve been drawing for a book featuring “dogs with jobs”, and another books called “fun kitchen dance party”. I’m excited about both, but I feel that I only have time to focus on making one book great in time for MoCCA, so I’ve decided to go with “fun kitchen dance party”, and “dogs” will have to go on the back burner for now.


I ordered a whole slew of colored envelopes, and cards, book cloth, and tote bags ! I’m excited to print on. My credit card bill is going to be insane! So make sure you  stop by if your in NYC April 5-6th, and visit my and our – Ginette Montoya, Claire Connelly, & Paige Connelly table and buy some stuff. I plan on showing some of my merchandise on my blog before MoCCA.

I’m getting back into the swing of things. It’s so hard being a young illustrator. I feel like they should make you take a really hard test before you decided to get a BFA, just to make sure you’re tough as nails.

Rather then simply saying I’m going to “do more work”, Here’s a small manageable list of my goals.

Goals for the next 5 weeks : 


– make stuff I like, and not worry about marketing it

– get to the print center 5 times 

This job isn’t easy, but (i’m hoping!) it’s worth it.

Oh and it’s snowing again…


This Place Sucks

So, I’m back home- no longer in the tropical paradise that is Florida in January.

I’m back home, to a suburb of NYC, a place where I have to constantly look down to make sure i’m not about to slip on ice. A place where every three days it seems to snow 10 inches. A place where my basset hounds sleep all day and then climb on top of snow drifts like mountain goats. A place where if I want to go somewhere I have to leave 20 minutes to bundle up, brush off my car, let the car warm up and then go. This place is not a good place. This place sucks.


I had to wake them up to feed them this afternoon.


Yeah It’s pretty…

That being said, since I arrived home I’ve been feeling the winter blues pretty badly. I can’t seem to focus on my work, I’m tired all time time, I’m constantly drinking tea to stay warm. When the sun goes down at 5 o’clock i’m done for the day. This is not productive nor is it healthy for my illustration career. This place sucks.

Of course I can’t blame my bad attitude entirely on the weather. A big part of me not accomplishing what I wish is the fact that I’m just not into it. I put a lot of pressure on myself in the beginning of this year to do all these great things. I want to write books, start an Etsy shop, promote my editorial work. It’s a lot to handle. Not to mention I have a day job, like many young illustrators, and I’m training for a marathon. What was I thinking?

I’m also going through this thing, where I see all my high school buddies getting “grown up” jobs, making big money, and I’m still working part time in a grocery store, and illustrating. I’ve read some articles about how it takes 5 years of nurturing an illustration career to get it really going. FIVE YEARS. I feel like Charlie Brown. I know I have to put my time in, it’s just sometimes I feel like “ugh! I’m doing all these things and I’m not getting any benefit from it”! I know that this too shall pass, but right now, this place sucks.


So for now the goal is to survive this winter. I am showing at MoCCa fest in early April, so I’m channeling all my energy (what little I have) into creating whimsical wonderful things for that show. I’m planning on having two little books, one about dogs with jobs, and one called “Fun Kitchen Dance Party”, which my friends have been urging me to make for years, plus maybe 4-5 greeting cards, and maybe 1-2 prints. Again, I’m shooting for the stars here.  I’m trying to make myself happy, without feeling like a failure, no matter the weather, in the whimsical place in my head. Sometimes I go through crappy periods of not being happy with my work, I’m sure I’m not alone. I know I can pull myself out of this, it’s not my first winter, but for whatever reason, this 2014 winter is kicking my ass. So again I say, this place sucks — but not for long.

Some positive things :

# 1 – While in Florida, I went to Disney for the first time. I know people say it’s the most magical place on earth and now I know it really is. So much fun.

# 2 – I got some books via the internet from some old burned down library in Texas. The internet is amazing. Anyway, this lady, Bernice Myers, she’s illustration gold.

# 3 – Over the weekend I finished an assignment for a friend for her blog : SenseStory Perception. She hasn’t published it yet, so I can’t show it here. But it’s pretty cool.

# 4 – Valentine’s Day is approaching. It’s an aspirating stationary designers dream!

This place, is getting less sucky.


Open Up Shop!

One of my big goals for last summer was to finally open up an Etsy shop.

Sadly, it didn’t happen then–because I couldn’t devote the time to it that it needed.

But with the added aid of joining a printmaking center and the pressure to make something awesome to sell at MoCCAfest this year — I have high hopes my shop will happen this year!


I’m excited to sell hand printed cards, prints, calendars?, who knows…maybe even hand bound journals!

prints, and cards and all sorts of things,