Illustration Friday – Pattern

So when I saw this week Illustration Friday word was “pattern” I got so excited. A few days ago I was figuring out how to make a pattern repeat correctly  in photoshop! What a coincidence.  I made this little mini print of waffles! not just any waffles, christmas time waffles!


With some finagling, I got the print to repeat in photoshop! Good golly gosh!


…This was something I never do, but had fun figuring it all out.

I had something else FESTIVE planned to do with this pattern, and I wanted to put it in this post, but I’m running short on time tonight! So hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to post my use for this pattern! (hint- it’s a festive use, but I’m not wrapping a present with it!) 

In other news, I finally finished the illustration for last weeks word “refrain”.


thank you for reading/looking,

peace, love, and syrup,



Illustration Friday – “Refrain”

Hello! I thought of this idea yesterday, and ran out of time today to get it ready for a print, so I decided to submit the sketch and work on the final over the weekend when I have more time.  I also just noticed, the word was “refrain” and I thought it was “resist”, same difference…

I drew what I thought would be good spots for a women’s magazine on resisting tempting foods. Each spot is a “tip” for how to maneuver not eating sweets. Since Christmastime is here I’ve noticed more  sweets, treats, and desserts are all around me, so maybe resisting/refraining from temptation is just on my brain.


I can’t wait to print this. Check back early next week for the final spots!

cookies and donuts and all things nice,