Christmas Cards/Tags 2016

Below are some of the cards/tags I made for friends and family this Christmas.

I experimented with gauche . I like it.

Cards: cards_1


Gift Tags : christmas_tags1



Anyway! Hope you all enjoy !

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Cheers to all good things in 2017 .

Best, Hannah


So, I’ve learned a little something about myself this past year: maybe making these big long term goals doesn’t work out for me  because I don’t feel accomplished and I stop having fun creating. What good is that? So instead this year I’m just going to try and have as much fun as possible both here on my blog and hopefully my website.

So in the spirt of having fun and experimenting, I pulled out my gauche today and hopped on and decided to give this week’s word a go: Invention


Immediately I thought of the great inventor of the light bulb and electricity as we know it, Thomas Edison. I’ve been to his home and laboratory before – its only a little ways away from where I live. Gotta love New Jersey. I know its not exactly the word ‘invention’ it’s more ‘inventor’ but I wanted to work on drawing people. So .

I’m really getting into trying to manipulate my work on the computer to give it a mid-20th century feel. It’s a process I’m still not comfortable with 100%, but practice helps.

I also played around with other inventors, I don’t love as much as Mr. Edison.



This was fun!