The Printmaking Center of NJ

Hello! So yesterday I traveled many miles to The Printmaking Center of NJ– and had a fantastic day. So I thought I’d re-live it today, and share it with you!ย IMG_1868

The PCNJ has a small, but wonderful silkscreen studio workspace. (especially if you’ve been using your bathroom shower to rinse out your screens!)


Would you look at the exposure unit! I mean, COME ON. It’s beautifulโ€ฆI exposed a screen in 46 seconds! 46 SECONDS! I’ve never heard of such a thing!


Inks and other messy things I love! ย look at the TUB of acrylic silkscreen ink! it’s like a paint can!ย IMG_1869

I learned how to use a vacuum table! Which I never did before, that’s amazing.


What printmaking session would be complete without a green juice on hand! Just don’t mix it up with your ink!


I felt like I was back at school, listening to Led Zeppelin on a static-y radio, while printing. ( I did miss my friends walking in though!) Regardless, What a wonderful day!

Here’s how my vegetable christmas cards came out.




I’m a little rusty on getting my prints properly registered, practice makes perfect! I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures from yesterday. I think this is a start to a beautiful friendship between me and that exposure unit.

turnip the joy,




Hey, Over Here!

I can’t help myself! In the quest to find the best blog format- I’ve been skipping around different blogging sites. I think I’m here at WordPress to stay. So hello!

This is something I worked on Monday. It’s a possible promo I may run. I want to clean it up, maybe simplify it.


Cheers! Glad to be back!