The Twelve Days are Approaching

I’ve got a jam-packed couple of weeks ahead of me! Every year (for the past two years), I illustrate  The 12 Days of Christmas, either 12 days leading up to the holiday, or the 12 days after (until little christmas).  With all the chaos of the holidays I don’t know why I subject myself to making so much work in a matter of 12 days, but I do it.

In 2011, I made watercolor illustrations of the classic twelve days from the song.


In 2012, I turned each day into something I like, a ukulele, a few juicers, and some record players. (see the entire collection here) 


This year I’m planning something a little different, a little out of my comfort zone, but totally HANNAH (I pinky promise). Please check back here as we approach the most wonderful, crazy, chaotic time of year! I’ll be here, with ink on my fingers to put a smile on your face!

Partridges and Pear Trees,