Week of January 13th

Hello All!

I’m happy to report I had a  productive week.

It was my birthday this past Monday! And in the true spirit of getting older, I put on my “big girl pants” and drove an hour away – out to the printmaking studio, where I am now a member.  I exposed some screens.

I made some cards, aiming to get some stuff in my Etsy shop by Valentines day.

Because I’m so excited about this, I wanted to share two of the cards here:


The phone card needs work, I have to re-expose some parts of it. i.e. around the curly cords.

the radio card shows the back and the front.

Also you have to imagine these cards with fun brightly colored envelopes! poppy-red and retro turquoise!

Next week I hope to get my new promo post cards in the mail :


I’m just waiting for them to get here!

I think this is going to be my last promo that I order from a print place for a while. I’m going to try and print my own postcards, now that I have access to an exposure unit.

So awesome.

Also I’m going to try and post every week between Wednesday and Friday, so be sure to check back!

Prints and Love,


Play More!

My second aspiration for the new year is to play more ukulele!


I love music! In fact, in high school I played the clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, saxophone and the oboe! I also took piano and guitar lessons back when I was 13ish— I once thought I’d  go to school for music.  Once I graduated high school there just wasn’t enough time in the day to keep up with everything, and I realized what I really wanted to do was focus on my art.

That being said, I never really lost that musical side of yourself, even if I’m focused on other things. I really enjoy the simplicity of playing the ukulele, singing and humming to myself. Its fun! it’s relatively easy and it makes me feel good!



Blog More!

This is my first day of posting  my Goals, Intentions & Aspirations for 2014!

Today’s goal is to blog more this year!


I noticed last year, I tend to blog a lot in the beginning of the year and then it drops off by the summertime.  This year, I’d like to blog weekly as a way to motivate me to work on  my own assignments more often.

Cheers to more blog posts in 2014!

Hannah Jane

Illustration Friday – Pattern

So when I saw this week Illustration Friday word was “pattern” I got so excited. A few days ago I was figuring out how to make a pattern repeat correctly  in photoshop! What a coincidence.  I made this little mini print of waffles! not just any waffles, christmas time waffles!


With some finagling, I got the print to repeat in photoshop! Good golly gosh!


…This was something I never do, but had fun figuring it all out.

I had something else FESTIVE planned to do with this pattern, and I wanted to put it in this post, but I’m running short on time tonight! So hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to post my use for this pattern! (hint- it’s a festive use, but I’m not wrapping a present with it!) 

In other news, I finally finished the illustration for last weeks word “refrain”.


thank you for reading/looking,

peace, love, and syrup,



The Twelve Days are Approaching

I’ve got a jam-packed couple of weeks ahead of me! Every year (for the past two years), I illustrate  The 12 Days of Christmas, either 12 days leading up to the holiday, or the 12 days after (until little christmas).  With all the chaos of the holidays I don’t know why I subject myself to making so much work in a matter of 12 days, but I do it.

In 2011, I made watercolor illustrations of the classic twelve days from the song.


In 2012, I turned each day into something I like, a ukulele, a few juicers, and some record players. (see the entire collection here) 


This year I’m planning something a little different, a little out of my comfort zone, but totally HANNAH (I pinky promise). Please check back here as we approach the most wonderful, crazy, chaotic time of year! I’ll be here, with ink on my fingers to put a smile on your face!

Partridges and Pear Trees,



The Printmaking Center of NJ

Hello! So yesterday I traveled many miles to The Printmaking Center of NJ– and had a fantastic day. So I thought I’d re-live it today, and share it with you! IMG_1868

The PCNJ has a small, but wonderful silkscreen studio workspace. (especially if you’ve been using your bathroom shower to rinse out your screens!)


Would you look at the exposure unit! I mean, COME ON. It’s beautiful…I exposed a screen in 46 seconds! 46 SECONDS! I’ve never heard of such a thing!


Inks and other messy things I love!  look at the TUB of acrylic silkscreen ink! it’s like a paint can! IMG_1869

I learned how to use a vacuum table! Which I never did before, that’s amazing.


What printmaking session would be complete without a green juice on hand! Just don’t mix it up with your ink!


I felt like I was back at school, listening to Led Zeppelin on a static-y radio, while printing. ( I did miss my friends walking in though!) Regardless, What a wonderful day!

Here’s how my vegetable christmas cards came out.




I’m a little rusty on getting my prints properly registered, practice makes perfect! I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures from yesterday. I think this is a start to a beautiful friendship between me and that exposure unit.

turnip the joy,