Goals, Intentions & Aspirations 2014 Review

So here’s a little summary of what my goals were for 2014, and how and if I accomplished them.

The original posts can be found in the January 2013 archive.

1. Play more Ukulele 

So – I think I’ve played about the same amount of ukulele this past year as the year before. Its hard to tell, I didn’t play any gigs or anything. I think I played just for fun when I noticed it in the corner of my room.

2. Save more Money 

I think I saved some money, though since I quit my day job, my stock pile is dwindling. Life is crazy sometimes.

3. Dress the part 

I have started to dress the part! Over the summer I bought a whole bunch of nice summer dresses to wear to work, and I hardly ever wear sweatpants anymore! Go team.

4. Open up Shop 

I DID have my Etsy shop open for about 3 months from June to August. It has since closed because I want to do some revamping. It did happen though!

5. Improve my Fitness 

I was sidelined from running for the entire summer basically with a knee/hip injury. Since getting cleared by the Dr. I’ve been steadily going to the gym 1-2 times a week and running or walking most days. I think I’ve come to a way healthier place fitness-wise, both mentally and physically.

6. Blog More 

Big fat FAIL on my part. I think I have less blog posts then last year. But I did get a full time job, run a marathon and decided to go back to school… not that thats an excuse or anything. At least I didn’t blog too much, those people are annoying.

7. Focus and be more Productive

Hmm, this is another one that is hard to gauge. I mean I would say I’m more productive just because I don’t really watch TV anymore (there isn’t time). This one might have not improved either.

8. Worry less and be more present

Ha. I can’t shake the worrying. I really need to meditate, every podcast I listen to and every book I read shouts the benefits of mediation on their mental state. Next year, mediation.

I can certainly say I think I bit off more then I can chew for 2014. I had a running injury because I was trying to run everyday, I took a full-time job maybe before I was ready to. I had some trouble buckling down.

As for 2015, I plan on doing a few posts about my goals for next year. If theres one thing I learned from last year it’s do less and do it better.

k. bye.



Hello Sweet Friends!

I’ve been avoiding my studio for the past two weeks. I sort of burnt myself out with moCCAfest and the stress of it all. And of course, like every time I take a break, it’s increasingly hard for me to get back in the studio. But I am getting back in here. It’s amazing how guilty I feel when I’m not drawing, or printing. I beat myself up! I can hear my friends voices in my head saying “what are you doing? get back in there!” …it’s all good. I forgive myself, and I’m back in here now.

Some updates :


I ran a marathon! … Running is one of those things that makes me feel amazing. While this wasn’t my best marathon ( i cried 2x!  during the race! ) It was an amazing experience.


I started a new job! It’s full time, giving my less time in the studio, but it hopefully will give me some finical stability to keep illustrating — early in the morning, on weekends, and late at night — until I can do this full time BABY!


It’s spring! Which means, it’s beautiful out!

I’m making a plan for some new goals —

Some of my ideas are :

1. illustrate a “primer” book, something with numbers, the alphabet, vegetables, colors?

2. DOGS with JOBS, the book.

3. photograph my merchandise and get that stuff up on ETSY.

4. Illustrate stuff I like and update my website/portfolio! Possibly a RE-DESIGN? I want to have more work geared towards clients I want . i. e. REAL SIMPLE, Runners World, Hallmark, American Greetings etc.

5. DREAM BIG – look into getting an agent.

6. Print my brains out.

I’m struggling a little with having time — with this new gig and everything. I’m hoping once I get more comfortable there I’ll have more brain cells when I get home and I’ll feel creative! Right now I come home and I just want my pajamas.

I’ll get there.


Hannah Jane

This Place Sucks

So, I’m back home- no longer in the tropical paradise that is Florida in January.

I’m back home, to a suburb of NYC, a place where I have to constantly look down to make sure i’m not about to slip on ice. A place where every three days it seems to snow 10 inches. A place where my basset hounds sleep all day and then climb on top of snow drifts like mountain goats. A place where if I want to go somewhere I have to leave 20 minutes to bundle up, brush off my car, let the car warm up and then go. This place is not a good place. This place sucks.


I had to wake them up to feed them this afternoon.


Yeah It’s pretty…

That being said, since I arrived home I’ve been feeling the winter blues pretty badly. I can’t seem to focus on my work, I’m tired all time time, I’m constantly drinking tea to stay warm. When the sun goes down at 5 o’clock i’m done for the day. This is not productive nor is it healthy for my illustration career. This place sucks.

Of course I can’t blame my bad attitude entirely on the weather. A big part of me not accomplishing what I wish is the fact that I’m just not into it. I put a lot of pressure on myself in the beginning of this year to do all these great things. I want to write books, start an Etsy shop, promote my editorial work. It’s a lot to handle. Not to mention I have a day job, like many young illustrators, and I’m training for a marathon. What was I thinking?

I’m also going through this thing, where I see all my high school buddies getting “grown up” jobs, making big money, and I’m still working part time in a grocery store, and illustrating. I’ve read some articles about how it takes 5 years of nurturing an illustration career to get it really going. FIVE YEARS. I feel like Charlie Brown. I know I have to put my time in, it’s just sometimes I feel like “ugh! I’m doing all these things and I’m not getting any benefit from it”! I know that this too shall pass, but right now, this place sucks.


So for now the goal is to survive this winter. I am showing at MoCCa fest in early April, so I’m channeling all my energy (what little I have) into creating whimsical wonderful things for that show. I’m planning on having two little books, one about dogs with jobs, and one called “Fun Kitchen Dance Party”, which my friends have been urging me to make for years, plus maybe 4-5 greeting cards, and maybe 1-2 prints. Again, I’m shooting for the stars here.  I’m trying to make myself happy, without feeling like a failure, no matter the weather, in the whimsical place in my head. Sometimes I go through crappy periods of not being happy with my work, I’m sure I’m not alone. I know I can pull myself out of this, it’s not my first winter, but for whatever reason, this 2014 winter is kicking my ass. So again I say, this place sucks — but not for long.

Some positive things :

# 1 – While in Florida, I went to Disney for the first time. I know people say it’s the most magical place on earth and now I know it really is. So much fun.

# 2 – I got some books via the internet from some old burned down library in Texas. The internet is amazing. Anyway, this lady, Bernice Myers, she’s illustration gold.

# 3 – Over the weekend I finished an assignment for a friend for her blog : SenseStory Perception. She hasn’t published it yet, so I can’t show it here. But it’s pretty cool.

# 4 – Valentine’s Day is approaching. It’s an aspirating stationary designers dream!

This place, is getting less sucky.


Worry Less & Be More Present

My last goal/intention for 2014- is Worry Less & Be More Present 


This one I have to work on– as I am quite the worrisome person. There are just some things I have no control of (especially being a freelance artist). However, there are things I can control (i.e. the quality of my work, promotions, updating my website etc.) 

Being “present” in every moment kind of goes along with “being more productive”, I want to take more time for creating and looking at things, rather then operating on auto-pilot.

Thank you for following along with my blog as I posted my goals for 2014, now it’s time to make them happen!


Focus & Be Productive

Goal #7 : Focus and Be Productive! 

So, believe it of not,  I have a tendency to get distracted—look over there! productive

These days its so easy to check one email, and 20 min. later I find myself surfing Pinterest for cool stuff for  “my dream home”.

In an effort to see what I could do about my lack of focus, I searched online for “how to focus better”.  I found that I’m on of those people with a short attention span– So it’s best if I work with a timer (like the kitchen timer I drew!!) . Make myself work and focus on what I’m doing for an hour and then take a 20 min. break and play with the dogs. I’m going to try it out, maybe it will make me feel less overwhelmed!

Also — In 2014, I’d like to do less mindless surfing of the web, and get more real stuff done! I want to print! I want to write books! I want to get more clients!

Sure I’ll schedule some time for mindless internet surfing, just not during the day when I should be getting work done. Maybe I’ll even cut myself off from toxic-sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc., and only go on to browse on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a thought. I have this urgent need to unplug and create– and the internet is killing me.

Cheers to getting more work done,


Improve My Fitness

Okay, so this is the resolution/goal is one that MOST people have every year.

Improve my Fitness, a.k.a get lean/run faster


I’m a runner. In fact, I just began training for my second marathon. I don’t have a typical “runners body”. Yeah sure, my legs look great, but my lack-of-abs, not so great. That being said, I  enjoyed myself over the holidays, and feel like I have some squishy parts I didn’t have before Christmas that gotta go!

I also want to run my best times for my races this year. So far I know I’m running a Marathon in April, a Half the beginning of September, and I’m sure several 5Ks sprinkled in for good measure. I’d like to PR* for all of them (*PR- Personal Record, or run your fastest time for that course)

I want to lift more weights and do more badass things like box jumps, and sit ups, and pushups.

I want to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can (I’m vegan, what what!) and stay away from junk food (ah hem, vegan ice cream) .

Thats the plan!

bicep curls and broccoli,


Here’s all the Goals so far:

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Save More Money!

Hey, so this is one of my goals every year : save more money!


I’m trying to really stick to a budget this year–and still save money. It’s hard especially for a recent college grad with a credit card, but its necessary!

piggy banks and coins,


Here’s a little gallery of my Goals, Aspirations and Intentions 2014 so far…

Dress the Part

Okay, so this one is big for me.

My #4 goal/aspiration/inspiration for 2014 is : Dress the Part. 


By this I mean, wear less sweatpants—all the time.

I mean, somedays I go from pajamas, to running gear, to sweatpants! IT’s NOT GOOD. I’m 23 and I just stopped getting dressed. I guess I can say its one of the perks of working from home, but really, it’s just laziness!

I’d like to wear more dresses and girly things — like  a real professional lady.

I feel silly even posting this, but it really is an aspiration for 2014.

headbands and high heels,


Open Up Shop!

One of my big goals for last summer was to finally open up an Etsy shop.

Sadly, it didn’t happen then–because I couldn’t devote the time to it that it needed.

But with the added aid of joining a printmaking center and the pressure to make something awesome to sell at MoCCAfest this year — I have high hopes my shop will happen this year!


I’m excited to sell hand printed cards, prints, calendars?, who knows…maybe even hand bound journals!

prints, and cards and all sorts of things,


Blog More!

This is my first day of posting  my Goals, Intentions & Aspirations for 2014!

Today’s goal is to blog more this year!


I noticed last year, I tend to blog a lot in the beginning of the year and then it drops off by the summertime.  This year, I’d like to blog weekly as a way to motivate me to work on  my own assignments more often.

Cheers to more blog posts in 2014!

Hannah Jane