Christmas Cards/Tags 2016

Below are some of the cards/tags I made for friends and family this Christmas.

I experimented with gauche . I like it.

Cards: cards_1


Gift Tags : christmas_tags1



Anyway! Hope you all enjoy !

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Cheers to all good things in 2017 .

Best, Hannah


July 15 2016


I felt like printing yesterday  – somethings summer-y so along came these !

I came up with this fun station-wagon-family-vacation print. I’ve got it in my head to do a series of retro cars … in traffic maybe?

I think secretly I would love a big old station wagon like this one day. Maybe a 1960’s Ford Country Squire…


Also, what would summer be without out a retro-looking lawn chair ?


This was fun.

I also got a new set of promotional-post cards in the mail today ! To be sent out soon!


Best, Hannah


June Printing

So its been a LONG time since I pulled out the old silkscreens and printed. Yesterday, I was watching Mad Men and it started raining outside and I suddenly got inspired.

So … I was playing with color and space with these. You can see the Mad Men influence. summertimeFinal

I know that the ‘bubbles’ you can see in the teal paint is not considered a ‘good print’ but I like it. I mean it makes it feel real, as opposed to just filling some color in in photoshop.


I changed the flippers around a little.


I played with color a little bit in photoshop.


This was fun. I hope, if you’re reading this, you enjoy it as well.


2015 Christmas Cards

Here are few cards I made this holiday season. After a LONG hiatus, It feels really good to pick up the paintbrush again.


This one I made for my Sister. She likes a good cocktail. Drink Card 2015014 copy

This one was for my Dad. I have some great memories of picking out christmas trees over the years in our family pick-up truck. Truck Card 2015013 copy.jpg

This one I made for my future mother-in-law. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest. The simple design is really nice, consider the imitation as flattery.

Ornament Card 2015015 copy.jpg

I hope to paint, draw, write and silkscreen again in 2016.

This year has been a bit of a whirlwind . Since MoCCa 2014 (my last huge creative endeavor), I have gotten and left two full-time job,  started back at school, worked some freelance and got engaged!  Starting in the Fall of 2016 I will be attending graduate school pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. As I am still collecting acceptances I’m not sure where I’ll be pursuing my Doctorate, but I  hope to be as creative as I can be wherever I end up.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, creative, and fun 2016,



So, I’ve learned a little something about myself this past year: maybe making these big long term goals doesn’t work out for me  because I don’t feel accomplished and I stop having fun creating. What good is that? So instead this year I’m just going to try and have as much fun as possible both here on my blog and hopefully my website.

So in the spirt of having fun and experimenting, I pulled out my gauche today and hopped on and decided to give this week’s word a go: Invention


Immediately I thought of the great inventor of the light bulb and electricity as we know it, Thomas Edison. I’ve been to his home and laboratory before – its only a little ways away from where I live. Gotta love New Jersey. I know its not exactly the word ‘invention’ it’s more ‘inventor’ but I wanted to work on drawing people. So .

I’m really getting into trying to manipulate my work on the computer to give it a mid-20th century feel. It’s a process I’m still not comfortable with 100%, but practice helps.

I also played around with other inventors, I don’t love as much as Mr. Edison.



This was fun!


2014, Year in Review

Hello All.

I’ve been very busy – I always like to end the year with a little bit of a reflection on the year that has past. It’s amazing how much happens. Here goes:

January : Well, I started off the year coming in 1st in my age group in a 5K on New Years Day. I celebrated my 24th Birthday with 3 cakes, and I went to Disney World for the 1st time in my life!

February: I bought some new vintage children’s books, and began drawing up ideas for MoCCafest 2014.

March: I got to printing! I made my screens at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey. Any of the time I had not working at my part-time job, i spent printing for MoCCa. Hello Fun Kitchen Dance Party!

April: I spent more time running and training, I ran a marathon towards the end of the month. AND it was time for MoCCafest! I especially had a good time with my illustration gal pals and the big charlie brown balloon that almost deflated on us.

May : I quit my part-time job for a full time job working in silkscreen heat transfers production office. With a full time job came less time to print. I spent a lot of my weekends just relaxing outside with the two noodle heads! Hazel and Bea.

June : I printed up some ‘fourth of july’ themed post-cards and mailed them out. I also got to work with Parade Magazine on a spot about graduation.

July : I continued working full-time. I took a weekend trip to Cape May with my boyfriend and his family. Always a highlight of my year! We went to the Cape May Lighthouse and an old WWII bunker on the beach, which I totally nerd-ed out about. i love history!

August: I was still working full-time but took a week off to visit my Nana and Aunt in Florida. It was a hot one! I decided that I was no longer satisfied with my job and sort of frustrated with my lack of illustration progress. The whole ‘freelance’ thing is not for the impatient. It was time for a change.

September :  So after much thought over the summer, I decided I needed a change, so I went back to school for Biology-pre-medicine. At first I felt so unnerved about quitting my job, and all the security that comes with it, and just going back to school for Biology, which I really had not thought about since I was 15. After some time I realized I can do this, and not only was it not as scary as I imagined but it was also interesting and fun. ALSO, I got the chance to work with Parade Magazine again, I got to do one of my favorite things, writing in script.

October : Still going to school. Most of my time was spent studying or sleeping. October is one of the most beautiful months. I couldn’t help but doodle on my notes, you can take the artist out of the studio but you can’t tell her to stop doodling.

November : Spent a lot of time studying especially with Bea and Hazel. Somehow my life went from drawing vegetables to looking anatomy models. What a crazy year! Also, Thanksgiving was great.

December :  Here I am in December! One semester down! I cannot believe what a turn my life has taken since the beginning of the year. I feel smarter, and at the same time a little sad that I do not have the time to devote to illustration like I want to. BUT I do not plan on quitting!

Here’s to 2015! I cannot wait for what’s to come!