2014, Year in Review

Hello All.

I’ve been very busy – I always like to end the year with a little bit of a reflection on the year that has past. It’s amazing how much happens. Here goes:

January : Well, I started off the year coming in 1st in my age group in a 5K on New Years Day. I celebrated my 24th Birthday with 3 cakes, and I went to Disney World for the 1st time in my life!

February: I bought some new vintage children’s books, and began drawing up ideas for MoCCafest 2014.

March: I got to printing! I made my screens at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey. Any of the time I had not working at my part-time job, i spent printing for MoCCa. Hello Fun Kitchen Dance Party!

April: I spent more time running and training, I ran a marathon towards the end of the month. AND it was time for MoCCafest! I especially had a good time with my illustration gal pals and the big charlie brown balloon that almost deflated on us.

May : I quit my part-time job for a full time job working in silkscreen heat transfers production office. With a full time job came less time to print. I spent a lot of my weekends just relaxing outside with the two noodle heads! Hazel and Bea.

June : I printed up some ‘fourth of july’ themed post-cards and mailed them out. I also got to work with Parade Magazine on a spot about graduation.

July : I continued working full-time. I took a weekend trip to Cape May with my boyfriend and his family. Always a highlight of my year! We went to the Cape May Lighthouse and an old WWII bunker on the beach, which I totally nerd-ed out about. i love history!

August: I was still working full-time but took a week off to visit my Nana and Aunt in Florida. It was a hot one! I decided that I was no longer satisfied with my job and sort of frustrated with my lack of illustration progress. The whole ‘freelance’ thing is not for the impatient. It was time for a change.

September :  So after much thought over the summer, I decided I needed a change, so I went back to school for Biology-pre-medicine. At first I felt so unnerved about quitting my job, and all the security that comes with it, and just going back to school for Biology, which I really had not thought about since I was 15. After some time I realized I can do this, and not only was it not as scary as I imagined but it was also interesting and fun. ALSO, I got the chance to work with Parade Magazine again, I got to do one of my favorite things, writing in script.

October : Still going to school. Most of my time was spent studying or sleeping. October is one of the most beautiful months. I couldn’t help but doodle on my notes, you can take the artist out of the studio but you can’t tell her to stop doodling.

November : Spent a lot of time studying especially with Bea and Hazel. Somehow my life went from drawing vegetables to looking anatomy models. What a crazy year! Also, Thanksgiving was great.

December :  Here I am in December! One semester down! I cannot believe what a turn my life has taken since the beginning of the year. I feel smarter, and at the same time a little sad that I do not have the time to devote to illustration like I want to. BUT I do not plan on quitting!

Here’s to 2015! I cannot wait for what’s to come!

Goals, Intentions & Aspirations 2014 Review

So here’s a little summary of what my goals were for 2014, and how and if I accomplished them.

The original posts can be found in the January 2013 archive.

1. Play more Ukulele 

So – I think I’ve played about the same amount of ukulele this past year as the year before. Its hard to tell, I didn’t play any gigs or anything. I think I played just for fun when I noticed it in the corner of my room.

2. Save more Money 

I think I saved some money, though since I quit my day job, my stock pile is dwindling. Life is crazy sometimes.

3. Dress the part 

I have started to dress the part! Over the summer I bought a whole bunch of nice summer dresses to wear to work, and I hardly ever wear sweatpants anymore! Go team.

4. Open up Shop 

I DID have my Etsy shop open for about 3 months from June to August. It has since closed because I want to do some revamping. It did happen though!

5. Improve my Fitness 

I was sidelined from running for the entire summer basically with a knee/hip injury. Since getting cleared by the Dr. I’ve been steadily going to the gym 1-2 times a week and running or walking most days. I think I’ve come to a way healthier place fitness-wise, both mentally and physically.

6. Blog More 

Big fat FAIL on my part. I think I have less blog posts then last year. But I did get a full time job, run a marathon and decided to go back to school… not that thats an excuse or anything. At least I didn’t blog too much, those people are annoying.

7. Focus and be more Productive

Hmm, this is another one that is hard to gauge. I mean I would say I’m more productive just because I don’t really watch TV anymore (there isn’t time). This one might have not improved either.

8. Worry less and be more present

Ha. I can’t shake the worrying. I really need to meditate, every podcast I listen to and every book I read shouts the benefits of mediation on their mental state. Next year, mediation.

I can certainly say I think I bit off more then I can chew for 2014. I had a running injury because I was trying to run everyday, I took a full-time job maybe before I was ready to. I had some trouble buckling down.

As for 2015, I plan on doing a few posts about my goals for next year. If theres one thing I learned from last year it’s do less and do it better.

k. bye.