Hello Sweet Friends!

I’ve been avoiding my studio for the past two weeks. I sort of burnt myself out with moCCAfest and the stress of it all. And of course, like every time I take a break, it’s increasingly hard for me to get back in the studio. But I am getting back in here. It’s amazing how guilty I feel when I’m not drawing, or printing. I beat myself up! I can hear my friends voices in my head saying “what are you doing? get back in there!” …it’s all good. I forgive myself, and I’m back in here now.

Some updates :


I ran a marathon! … Running is one of those things that makes me feel amazing. While this wasn’t my best marathon ( i cried 2x!  during the race! ) It was an amazing experience.


I started a new job! It’s full time, giving my less time in the studio, but it hopefully will give me some finical stability to keep illustrating — early in the morning, on weekends, and late at night — until I can do this full time BABY!


It’s spring! Which means, it’s beautiful out!

I’m making a plan for some new goals —

Some of my ideas are :

1. illustrate a “primer” book, something with numbers, the alphabet, vegetables, colors?

2. DOGS with JOBS, the book.

3. photograph my merchandise and get that stuff up on ETSY.

4. Illustrate stuff I like and update my website/portfolio! Possibly a RE-DESIGN? I want to have more work geared towards clients I want . i. e. REAL SIMPLE, Runners World, Hallmark, American Greetings etc.

5. DREAM BIG – look into getting an agent.

6. Print my brains out.

I’m struggling a little with having time — with this new gig and everything. I’m hoping once I get more comfortable there I’ll have more brain cells when I get home and I’ll feel creative! Right now I come home and I just want my pajamas.

I’ll get there.


Hannah Jane

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