Worry Less & Be More Present

My last goal/intention for 2014- is Worry Less & Be More Present 


This one I have to work on– as I am quite the worrisome person. There are just some things I have no control of (especially being a freelance artist). However, there are things I can control (i.e. the quality of my work, promotions, updating my website etc.) 

Being “present” in every moment kind of goes along with “being more productive”, I want to take more time for creating and looking at things, rather then operating on auto-pilot.

Thank you for following along with my blog as I posted my goals for 2014, now it’s time to make them happen!


3 thoughts on “Worry Less & Be More Present

  1. Hi Hannah,
    I just found a great WordPress blogger who posts uke chords for his fav songs. It’s brought me back to my uke recently. His site is called Uke Tunes. You should be able to find it via search. If not let me know. Best in ’14!

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