Update – September 24th


I’ve been away from my blog, I know, shame on me.
This summer, I had a full time job working for a silkscreen heat transfer place, and then I realized I want to go back to school, yada yada yada, so here I am. You’re all caught up, wonderful.

So here’s a story about what happened to me yesterday, and it shows how small the world really is.

Preface : I am currently back at school, taking some college science courses.

OK : So about a three weeks ago, before I started school, I was asked by Parade Magazine to illustrate a header for an article about the slow death curseive writing and how writing may help us comprehend information better.
Boom, great. Did it.
I didn’t think anything of it.


Then : The article came out last week. I was surprised on how big it was printed.


So I go to class early last night, to ask my professor a few questions. She helped me blah blah blah,

AND THEN : She said, “Remember how the first day I was talking about the importance of penmanship and legibility on the essay questions of the test? And how I don’t like the use of laptops in lecture? ” I said, “Yes….” Then she proceeded to show me a article she ripped out of Parade Magazine, MY ARTICLE. She had no idea that it was my illustration. I shouted, “THATS ME!”.
I mean, what are the chances? She had no idea that I was an illustrator, or in her class, or that I was coming for extra help. She showed the whole class in the lecture hall, and I turned a lovely shade of crimson.


It was such a collide of my two worlds, I had to share it.
You just never know.

Keep Livin’ the Dream,

What’s Up!?

Hey, What’s going on with you? Well, I’m so glad you asked, here’s what’s going on with me : I was featured in Parade Magazine’s Memorial Day Weekend issue. This was the one weekend the magazine decided not to show up with our newspaper. So I did some asking around to get myself a copy! Thank you everyone! This job was one nighter RUSH job, so much fun. I printed like a madwoman.

I did a Memorial Day Weekend mailing because — I love America. Not in the  hipster ‘meuuurica kinda of way, in the genuine, I love history channel, and hearing veterans stories about war, and thankful for my freedom, kind of way. I printed my own postcards for the first time. Also, like most of my mailings, I walked them  up the hill to the mailbox — because I think it helps send out good vibes.

In the midst of all of this, I got a stomach virus, which sucked. But allowed me to spend more time with these two noodle heads, while I got better. IMG_5598 Basically anytime I’m not working, I’ve been speeding time in nature. Because spring is beautiful and makes me feel good. Also, I’ve been experimenting with “grounding” or “earthing”.  Hence the no shoes picture!

Until next post, Hannah !


Hello Sweet Friends!

I’ve been avoiding my studio for the past two weeks. I sort of burnt myself out with moCCAfest and the stress of it all. And of course, like every time I take a break, it’s increasingly hard for me to get back in the studio. But I am getting back in here. It’s amazing how guilty I feel when I’m not drawing, or printing. I beat myself up! I can hear my friends voices in my head saying “what are you doing? get back in there!” …it’s all good. I forgive myself, and I’m back in here now.

Some updates :


I ran a marathon! … Running is one of those things that makes me feel amazing. While this wasn’t my best marathon ( i cried 2x!  during the race! ) It was an amazing experience.


I started a new job! It’s full time, giving my less time in the studio, but it hopefully will give me some finical stability to keep illustrating — early in the morning, on weekends, and late at night — until I can do this full time BABY!


It’s spring! Which means, it’s beautiful out!

I’m making a plan for some new goals —

Some of my ideas are :

1. illustrate a “primer” book, something with numbers, the alphabet, vegetables, colors?

2. DOGS with JOBS, the book.

3. photograph my merchandise and get that stuff up on ETSY.

4. Illustrate stuff I like and update my website/portfolio! Possibly a RE-DESIGN? I want to have more work geared towards clients I want . i. e. REAL SIMPLE, Runners World, Hallmark, American Greetings etc.

5. DREAM BIG – look into getting an agent.

6. Print my brains out.

I’m struggling a little with having time — with this new gig and everything. I’m hoping once I get more comfortable there I’ll have more brain cells when I get home and I’ll feel creative! Right now I come home and I just want my pajamas.

I’ll get there.


Hannah Jane

MoCCAfest 2014 Recap!


So it’s been a week, and I’ve finally recovered form MoCCAfest 2014.

Check it out!


So Charlie Brown was amazing. PEANUTS is basically why I got into illustration. I love the sincerity!


My Dear Sweet Friends! (From R-L – Me, Paige, Claire, Ginette) P.S.- we are all sight impaired.


The Merch! Thank you all who bought things and were nice and talked with me! Also, note my juice in the left corner…#typicalvegan


The ladies setting up.


SELFIES ! And A Jared Photobomb.


Selfies with Charles… NERD ALERT.


…as I was leaving for the day, Jack McGowan, fellow illustrator, and now acquaintance photobombed my picture of Charlie Brown! So HELLO new friend Jack!

All in all it was a GREAT day. I felt like poop on the way home- a combo of talking, standing, not eating all day. I think I ate a  head of broccoli and fell asleep at 8pm when I got home.
In related news, I sold ALL of the “EAT YOUR ROOTS” tote bags, so I’ll be making a second edition of those soon. I also want to get this Etsy Shop going with any left over merchandise.

Aside from selling my stuff, I picked up some good loot at MoCCA too:

I got some sweet books from NOBROW PRESS, some cards and book from the awesome Alexandra Beguez. and a little book from Reid Psaltis…because I love hound dogs.

That’s really it. All in all things are really good. Glad to have things slow down a little, but eager to get back in the studio and make more stuff!

Peace & Roots,

Hannah Jane

MoCCafest 2014 Preview

Woah! MoCCAfest NYC is tomorrow, here’s a sneak peak of my merchandise !

It’s strange because as I remember MoCCa — 2 years ago anyway, was mostly comics, graphic novels and more serious and sequential stuff…

that being said, we’ll see how my stuff fits in– in all its whimsical glory.


A6 cards

this potato card is my fav.

…more cards

A2 cards

A2 cards

Jersey Shore Tote bag!

Here comes the sun gift tote bag!

the pickle tote!



Eat your Roots tote


Fun Kitchen Dance Party book!

Fun Kitchen Dance Party book!

I put a ton of time and work into making some fun stuff — so I hope to see people on Saturday and Sunday April 5-6th!

I will be located at table C9, along with 3 of my best buds from college. ( Claire Connelly, Paige Connelly & Ginette Montoya )

NOTE – both my name and website are spelled wrong on the MoCCA website, so please, if you like my work, take a business card, i’ll have PLENTY at the table..


Update – March 16th

Woah! I’ve been so busy!

All week, I’ve been designing and printing things of MoCCAfest.

IMG_4647My studio is a but chaotic right now. I feel there’s stuff all over the place! I gotta clean up and organize some today!

IMG_4455I put the finishing touches on Fun Kitchen Dance Party! So happy with the way it came out. Can’t wait to share the final book (closer to April 5th!)

IMG_4581This is a design for one of the tote bags I plan on printing for MoCCA. It’s got another surprise on the back! I also have three other designs! Gonna be great! 

IMG_4616 I spent more time at the PCNJ exposing screens yesterday and just hanging out in the darkroom. LOVE IT.

IMG_4620I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to look directly at the light under the exposure unit, but I’m so curious! I had to peek!

I’ve also been perfecting my cappuccino skills and hanging out with my two basset babies.

IMG_4645My life is pretty crazy right now. I’m still training for a marathon in the end of April, getting stuff ready for MoCCAfest, working a day job, and trying to get new clients illustration-wise! It’s a crazy time! I love it.

Time to get printing –and maybe vacuum this floor! (gross!)

Update – March 5th


I’m so happy to report that I’ve been busy in my studio.


Last Saturday I drove out to the Print Studio and coated/burned some images on to screens to start printing the book “FUN KITCHEN DANCE PARTY”.

Tuesday I went to the art supply store and bought nice printmaking paper and some illustration board for the covers. I came home and started printing.

I made this print difficult for myself because I had to cut it all up into pieces to fit it onto my screen. I don’t have registration pins so that made it really had to register each print. Some of them are a bit “off” but I think that gives them some charm.

So excited to finish up this little book — it’ll be with me at MoCCA (on April 5-6th) for purchasing!

Oh I also taught myself how to make a cappuccino! (that’s frothed almond milk!) One day I’ll be able to make those crazy cappuccino designs you see at fancy coffee shops.


Gotta go get the ink out from under my fingernails!

Peace and Printmaking,